Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Paid?

Right now you get paid on a bi-monthly schedule, in full, for the commission you earned. If payment due is less than $200 for pay period, the balance will be brought forward to the next payment, and will be sent to you once the balance reaches $200. At this time we send payments by one of the following methods: Check via Regular Mail, Check via FedEx, Wire Transfer, PayPal and Neteller. Other methods will be available soon.

When Do You Send The Money?

Your money is sent to you within 10-15 days from the end of each pay period for the previous period's transactions. Commissions for sales made from the 1st through the 15th of the month will be paid on the 25th-30th of the month. Commissions for sales made from the 16th through the end of month will be paid on the 10th - 15th of the following month.

How can I send traffic to your sites?

You may send us traffic anyway you want: banners, exit consoles, text links, and other type of creative. However there are 2 exceptions:

- No spamming allowed. This includes email/chat/message board spamming, and other forms of unsolicited promotion.

- No "scumware". We do not tolerate affiliates that use so-called scumware applications such as Cydoor, Gator, WhenU and others. Complete list of such applications can be found at the GPWA website (

Any affiliate caught using those methods will be banned from our program and his revenues will be retained and given away as a prize to one of our honest affiliates, or to an affiliate who reports the case.

What Do I Have To Do To Get $50 Signup Bonus?

All you have to is become CashForClicks member. Once your registration is approved your account will be automatically credited with $50 at absolutely no cost.

How Do I Accumulate Reward Points?

Simply try to generate as much revenue as you can, for every $50 you make in a single payment period, you will be credited one reward point. Reward points do not disappear in each payment period, they are accumulated over an unlimited period of time, and can be exchanged any time for our free prizes.

How Is Your Program Different From Other Programs?

Most importantly we do not focus on offerring webmasters to advertise 100 versions of the same site. We try to use only unique sites, that cover best selling niches, and whats more important our sites sell. Wouldn't you rather advertise one site that makes $1/click than 100 sites that make 0.01/click? Our motto - sites that sell.

Is Your Program CPA/CPC or CPM-based?

We have a number of sites to advertise, and for each site there is a unique payment plan. Please visit our list of sites to see the payment plans for each site.

What Do I Need To Do To Get My Registration Approved?

We accept all affiliates from Western Europe, United States and Canada. Affiliates from other countries may have to contact us before registeration. We do our best to get as many webmasters approved as possible, howevery there has been an increased fraud from some countries, and sometimes we have to ban such countries alltogether.


Highest Payouts in Industry
High Conversion Ratios
Payments Twice a Month
Choice of Many Payment Methods
Unique Sites to Advertise
Advanced Reports and Stats
Professional Email Support
Free Bonuses and Promotions