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About the company is run by 2K Services, Inc. - Montreal (Canada) - based company specializing in Online Marketing, Payment Solutions and Development.

2K Services, Inc has been in the business since 1996 and has paid out its clients millions of dollars in affiliate and merchant revenues.

2K Services, Inc. owns ECash Services, Inc. and, Inc. - both companies process millions in transactions every month. Our clients enjoy dependable service and friendly support.

Cash For Clicks is a webmaster portal where anybody, with or without a Web site, can start making money simply by referring visitors to one of the "pay sites" we offer to advertise.

After your registration is approved you may place our links on your Web site and you will be credited for the visitors you refer.

Why Cash For Clicks?
Simply because we offer sites that convert. You have probably seen a dozen of other similar affiliate programs that offer you to advertise their 100's of sites. And, since you are here, you probably tried advertising them. So you know that if the program offers a few dozens of sites to advertise, it doesn't necessary mean that their sites sell.

Our motto is to make you more money. How do we go about it? Simple - you advertise sites that sell.


Highest Payouts in Industry
High Conversion Ratios
Payments Twice a Month
Choice of Many Payment Methods
Unique Sites to Advertise
Advanced Reports and Stats
Professional Email Support
Free Bonuses and Promotions