50 is deposited free into your account as soon as you signup for CashForClicks. Even before you start sending your clicks to any of our sites, you already have $50 in your account!

We have a Dodge Viper 2001 model caged in our garage. The first affiliate who collects 200,000 reward points will get it for free. Free our Viper!

I got the points, how do I redeem?
Once you have collected enough reward points, and you have chosen your free prize, email us at Include your email that you use to login into cashforclicks. We will send you your prize free of charge, and deduct the points from your account. If there are more points left in your account, you will be able to use them for your next prize.
How are the reward points earned?
Every $50 earned for a payment period gives you 1 reward point. If you are the first to collect 200,000 reward points we will ship you your free Dodge Viper.

Can I get something else for my points? If you don't want a free Viper, or you can't wait to redeem your points you can choose any of the following Free Prizes:


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